Fabric Gallery

As retailers endeavor to elevate their brands and enhance in-store spaces while remaining budget-conscious, many have turned to digitally printed fabric textiles as a choice signage solution. A modern marvel of materials, fabric—most often seen in the form of dye-sublimated silicone edge graphics (SEG)—offers retailers consistently vibrant, color-saturated, and high-quality print, as well as a host of cost-saving advantages over traditional rigid materials.

Fabric signage is:

  • Wide versatility, allowing for use across a variety of creative applications
  • Flexible and lightweight, allowing for efficient storage and reduced freight cost
  • Quick and easy to install—no professional help needed
  • Durable, resilient, and long-lasting
  • Produced at virtually any size
  • Diverse, with many knit, weave, texture, and finish options
  • Composed of green, recyclable materials

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