Wide Format Print Opportunities

Wide Format Printing & Installation Has BIG Market Demands

For companies that have over-sized marketing plans for their next print project, wide format printing is a leading choice that is growing in popularity. Large format printing gets you noticed with over-sized graphics that make an impact on consumers and put your company in front of competitors. Wide format printing covers a variety of printed products including advertising banners, corporate wall lettering, and more. To give you a better idea of the growth in popularity of this printing method, the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s Commercial Printing Panel projects wide-format printing revenue will grow an average of 9.4% over the next two years.

Large Format Printing Trends

Watch for these large format printing trends over the next 12-18 months:

  • An increase of texture in visual displays such as the growing use of fabric display elements such as soft signage as well as the use of rigid substrates such as wood-grain texture
  • Digitally printed decor is starting to gain in popularity as companies figure out how to combine decor prints with the content of their decor
  • Even though customization is already popular, the ability of digital printers to personalize printed products for customers is expected to grow in the future
  • Print service providers will continue to diversify their offerings to provide a wider variety of printed materials in order to increase the type of clients they serve

Large Format Printing Services With Grand Format Technology

Large format printing services use large-size technology to create eye-catching banners, signs, posters and other wide format printing and installation needs. Wide-format printing takes standard printing to another level by installing high-quality graphics that brand a business while also marketing the services provided by the company. In addition, the repetition of viewing the large format printing results means consumers will recall the name of the business when they are in the market for the products or business solutions provided by the company. Large format printing provides awesome solutions for companies of all sizes.

Wide format printing delivers awesome results for your business. Wide format printing lets you use high-quality images to create engaging and eye-catching materials that market your business in retail stores, at trade shows and outdoor events and even on wall murals at your office. Wide-format printing helps to increase sales, drive brand awareness and enhance the overall visibility of your products and services while also spotlighting the items you want to promote to your customers. If you are looking for awesome results that make you the first thought to consumers, large scale printing will deliver the results you desire.