Recycle Your Banner AND Make It Useful!

Make that previous banner material go to good use!  Our crew of talented individuals can transform these materials into useful and handy bags.  We will work with you on the size you’re looking for and the optimal color / image look to make sure they crafted to your liking.


There are several banner materials that work very well for this purpose:  mesh, vinyl of several types, and fabric.  Once we have the material back at our shop, our team of project managers and manufacturing staff will assess the condition and best-fit layout, taking into consideration all of the factors you are looking for.  We will attach webbing handles, bundle for shipping or pick-up, and you will have a great way to memorialize your event or communication!


When your next event or communication signage needs have been served with banner materials, let your sales contact at our shop know that you’re looking to re-purpose the material into bags.  Contact us today and we can get the ball rolling